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Patricia Hardison

Owner of

Heart of a Writer, LLC.

Patricia "Trisha" Hardison was born on July 12, 1986. She is a mother of two boys, Makaio and Kaisen Hardison! Both of whom mean the world to her! Ms. Hardison grew up with her mother in a single-parent home and realized that her mother too, would write poetry. Her father loved music and dance. There was no denying her love for art! For her, artistry is more than just a show of skill.

 At an early age, Patricia started to explore different avenues of art. Writing became her first love, followed by dancing. She also loves paintings and things made by hand. Patricia feels that you can express your voice through art and that you should! Art is a language that everyone could understand, regardless of where you are from! It is breathing life into what you are most passionate about. It is this belief that inspired her to establish Heart of a Writer, LLC. 

~We All Have a Voice!

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